John Leech's Public Domain Illustrations of the original A Christmas Carol

Our New A Christmas Carol Collection is Here for the Holidays!

While we are firm believers of waiting until after Thanksgiving to get in the Christmas spirit, it's hard not to feel giddy about the upcoming season.  Now is a perfect time to get a great candle gift for friends or families.  Our newest collection, our A Christmas Carol Candle Collection features some wonderful Christmas scented candles.  What's better than warming up by a big fire outside, listening to the crackle of the wood, smoke wafting in the crisp winter air, surrounded by pine trees and snuggled up next to the one you love?  Our Christmas Past Candle features great scents to transport you there.

Or if you're ready for an evening in, how about throwing some mulled wine on the stove with some cinnamon and cloves to warm you up from the inside.  Maybe watching A Christmas Story, A Muppet Christmas Carol, The Grinch, Elf or another holiday classic?  Our Christmas Present candle will get you in the holiday mood with wonderful cinnamon and clove scents

Or after you've stuffed yourself full of Christmas Dinner, perhaps a lot of turkey, stuffing and gravy, what is better than a nice warm sugar cookie? Our Christmas Yet To Come Candle will fill your room with the fragrance of subtle, warm, sweet sugar cookies baking.  What more could you ask for to the end of Christmas Dinner?

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