Photo of the Orbit Candle Space Race Collection

Behind the Space Race Candle Collection

The idea for the space race candle collection came as NASA was getting the SLS ready for its first launch.  My sister and I grew up huge space fans, and that has passed along to my son and daughter.

SLS Rocket on Launch Pad

The scents in the Space Race Candle Collection hit upon some iconic space related experiences, two in orbit and one here on earth.  Our Mercury Orange Candle is an homage to the classic powdered orange drink mix popularized in the Freedom 7 Mercury mission in 1962.  It made its way onto a number of missions after, and became a household staple for decades.  

Our Gemini Space Ice Cream Candle is a reference to a variety of freeze dried ice cream treats made by many companies over the decades.  While it never made its way into space, any time we went to a museum, we begged our parents for one.

Finall, our Apollo Space Scent Candle is maybe our most exciting candle in the collection - the scent of space itself! A few different articles describe the various scents found in space, and we've made our own unique version based off of some of those experiences.  We hope you enjoy!

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